Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tippy Tennies

My Husband took me to WalMart Wednesday and bought me two pair of Danskin Now tennis shoes for Christmas. I haven't worn Tennis shoes since traveling such long flights between Kuwait & the US in the 80's. But thought they might help some of the back & hip pain that comes with old age, arthritis, FibroMyalgia, etc.
Trying the walking type with different inserts & heel lifts isn't too bad, a little tippy, but I haven't fallen yet.
The other pair looks like those strange sketchers & have the extremely slanted back & up so high at the end. They certainly look strange, and that is definitely not how my feet look. But I was told they would help my posture, & therefore, the pain. That slanted back & up high at the end heel is certainly a lot of fun. First I go tipping too far forward & tip into whatever is in the way in front of me. But mostly, I go tipping way too far backwards & that is really lots more fun!!!! I'm taking bets on when I'll be flat on my back on the tile with a cracked head & elbows. But when I do happen to be straight up for a second, I can almost tell my body is straighter up. Of course, that doesn't happen a whole lot yet. -- or almost never. But maybe someday. Maybe someday, if I don't break my back, or head, or a leg, or whatever --- just maybe, someday, I might get brave enough to venture outside in those funny tennies.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy follow up on "HATS FOR HAPPINESS"

We have a Drop Off for Jennifer's HATS FOR
Mark Bouvier, the owner of Sears Music Store at Sears, Paddock Mall in Ocala FLorida, has so graciously offered his help. People can drop off hats and/or checks at his store, for Jenifer to pick up. And I will be the 'back up' pick up person for Jennifer. I have 2 classes and 2 Performances at the store, every week.
Part of Her Story is in my 1st blog for the 10-21 Blog Challenge. I added a short blog today for her & called it #8. --- It's to give some additional information.
Lets help Jennifer in her most Noble campaign to help other Cancer patients. This Not For Profit organization will be Nation wide.

Thanks to everyone.

And the very Biggest Thank You to Jennifer, the "Cancer Girl Clarice Kentwood" and her "SUPER DOG"

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunny Van Handel


Sunny is our little yellow Cockateil who thinks he rules the house and us. And he is correct!!
He knows he is the boss and he keeps us in line. He has his established rutine and thinks we all should stick to it. He idolizes his father he calls "Wheet" so much!!! When Wheet takes a nap, Sunny has to sit on his chest or his side. Sometimes Wheet has kidney stones and has to take very strong pain killers, that put him to sleep for around 4 1/2 hours. His 'watchdog' , Sunny is right there sitting on his Dad, and Sunny doesn't make one sound or move , the whole 4 1/2 hours. (of course, we do worry that his dad might involuntarily move during his sleep, but if Sunny can't be with Wheet, he screeches the whole time.

The 2nd very best thing is eating his meals at the table with us. Even when we have company. (because all our friends love the smart little character, and who would mind sharing your plate with such a cute little guy)

When his Dad is gone, he is my constant companion & I am called Sweet Pea. He knows he can really work me, & I will be so sad for him I cry, but he's so funny I'm laughing too.

He used to talk a lot, but then he trained us to pay attention to his little movements and sounds. whatever he looks at, then looks at us, & says "eh" means he wants to be there, or do that RIGHT NOW. He'll go over to the organ or the keyboard & look at it, look at me, say "eh" and I am supossed to hop to right away, and play music for him. He loves most music, but not too high, or shrill.

He comes up to me and stands on top of my foot and says "up" -- now this might mean he wants on my shoulder, or on the counter or table, but often he then runs to where he want to get up to. hopefully somewhere he can chew things up and get into trouble.

And when he doesn't want me to leave the house, he runs over & stands in front of the door so I can't open it. I have to do manuevers to go around the circle of the rooms, one way & then the other to try to fool him enough that I can slip out the door before he gets back there.

So many people think that birds a re just dumb little things that sit in a cage. Sunny is only in the cage if we are gone quite awhile in the day. He doesn't sleep in it, he sleeps on his desk, but he does get up on top of his play pen set that is on top of his big cage, on top of his desk, ---
in his side bedroom with the 2 windows in the corner by his desk.

Sunny is already a little past 10 years old. His Daddy is 82, I'm almost 77, and he can live to be 35 to 37 years old. Good thing my Daughters have all had birds!!!

He has such a memory!!! but that is for another story, next time.

HATS FOR HAPPINESS for Cancer Patients & 'Ole Granny is here again'

"Ole Granny Is Back"
'Ole Granny' is batting a thousand. tried to find a way to let Virtualites know I'm blogging, since I don't quite know what I'm doing. (now that is an understatment)
So I finally went to Facebook & somehow, eventually found the VOL Friend page. Then tried to find my blog again. ??? Where did it go?? Finally found it & tried to find the 3 I had aleady written. Time to Panic!!!
Somehow, later I accidently found what I had written. then tried to find how to Publish those so I didn't lose them completely. I think I did. -- Publish them, not lose them.
I started the blogs today with stumbling around all the fellows, in my way, who thought they had bamboozeled us. Then after writing 3 blogs, I really did some major stumbling around. (hey, that is an old song -- "Stumbling All Around" and I know, because I'm old.)
I hope everyone can tell that I write Tongue In Cheek, and I am being humerous. So please bare with me.)
Everyone else in our Virtual online Learning Group is much younger than me, and even younger than my 4 Daughters. At some point, they will be like I am now. Well, --- a little like I am. Another 30 or 40 or 50 years, and then they will understand. But, of course if they really are like me, they'll have forgotten by then, anyhow.
Deja Vu
I told my husband that I was always the one who reads the schematics (instructions) and tells the 'assemblers' how to put everything together to make things work properly.

We had to buy a new computer desk, & it was limited to width. Everything was too wide, so we ended up with a glass top encased in metal, and a smaller glass & metal table. And in a box, of course. !!! So I told him to wait until 11 when I would be able to assist in the construction. At 11, he was confused. He had a strange looking little table with some of the large pieces & some small, mixed together, and an odd assortment left over for the 2nd table. One glance and it was obvious which were the parts for the desk, and which for the little tray, and where they should go.

The little table had to be disassembled, and we started over & used the large pieces for the larger desk. Then put the small table together. I have no inkling how I am able to look at the parts and know what they are and where they go. (? being a little psycik might help?? and my Father could do anything, and everything. ?? or because in Alaska and the Aleutians, everything, even furniture came in a box, for assembly, and since my First Husband traveled for the Federal Aviation Administration -- 2 months gone, 1 week home, I had to build it.

Oh, a light bulb just came on -- He loved to draw & explain every piece of equipment the FAA had. I had schematics in my head for the Glide Slope, Outer Marker, Inner Marker, & everything to do with the various equipment. & then when I worked for the Administrator of FAA, in the Aleutians, I had to watch all the 'Teaching Tapes' of all the equipment, & read all the reports, etc. We even lived right alongside the runway. And Yes, I am older!! I had completely forgotten all that, until that little lightbulb came on.)

Electronics Specialists who keep the Communications Equipment and Navigational equipment in top performance for the airplanes to take off, stay on course in bad weather, and land, etc, seem like super heroes who know all & can do all. (and in their Field, they are, & can)

The Deja Vu title comes in to this because I had just told about puting things together, that come in boxes, and then that strange little monstrosity came in to view. (the little table, not the Husband)


I've been having the greatest fun putting different lyrics to songs, (don't say it's illeagle to mess with someone elses lyrics, because I'm not going to print them, or do them in a big public place.) I change them to play and sing in Performance Group, for Halloween. The music people who are taking my packs of mixed up lyrics might, or might not, do them in a public performance. 'Elvis' even took a pack.

We don't do 'themes' in our Summer Performance group because I like the beautiful music everyone does in chosing what they want to play. But when Halloween was looming close upon us, seemed like a fun thing to try. And it is sooo easy!!!! I wonder if that make me a little strange? some morbid songs, but I'm having fun. Some titles are so easy to change.
Warning: If you are queasy, you can skip the next part.
The Hawaiian song "I'll Remember You" just pops right at you -- I'll dismember you.
Then I go on to change the whole song. Right, the whole song. Another easy one is "Put your Head On My Shoulder" (easy to guess, right?) Put your head in my bucket, and put your legs in there too. Hawaiian Wedding song -- "This is the Funeral I have waited for" And George Strait's 'Drinking Champagne' -- I'm drinking your blood & causing you pain till early morning, Then I'll stay in my coffin till the Darkness envelopes me.

See how much fun a project would be?? Then a contest for the best song lyrics. A contest for the best singing of the lyrics. or 'acting out' the lyrics.
I've done Ebb Tide, & Beyond the Reef, and am working on The Odd Couple, Hawaii 5 0, Secret Agent Man, There'll be some Changes Made, Side By Side.
I keep seeing great possibilities in my Sheet Music titles, and keep wanting to add more to the pack.

Hats for Happiness and Super Heroes

A Good 'Very Late Afternoon' to everyone, and to Virtual Online Learning Group.
I'm getting better, I think. After being gone all day, I stumbled into the house with only half of everything falling out of my arms and hands, and stumbling over & around 4 young fellows who wanted to clean 1 room of carpet because their Supervisor gave them a goal of 100 rooms cleaned today. All over my insistence that we'd had to tear the office apart so the couch & chairs are packed high with everything that I will need to find a place for soon, before it all jumps in to the trash can by itself. Plus, the dinning room was stacked high with ebay hopefuls divided into catogorys and I needed everything left as it was. Since my husband said "Come in and clean the dinning room carpet and we'll move everything out of the room" I laughingly made my way amongst the 5 men, dropping the rest of the mail and incidentals out of my hands & arms.
And the whole time, our little yellow Cockateil is loudly protesting & calling "SweetPea" for a rescue from being locked in the cage he won't even sleep in at night.

And you'll never guess what happened next!! As soon as they saw that my vacuum was the exact Kirby they were going to use ---- ha ha ha ---- to try to sell us, they said "Sorry, we can't clean your carpet, have to leave now".

So I keep laughing. And I think it only took me forty minutes this time to get in to my blog, and then find something to click on that would actually let me type.
sorry but 'ole Granny' took over & doesn't remember where the numbers are or how to link.

I want to talk about our live Blog class yesterday.
(Ok, you can quit laughing now. And yes, it's a bit rediculous, I agree. --- But just wait until you are almost 77 years old, and never heard all those great , strange, terms -- like avatar ( a
movie of blue people, right?) & widgets, (sure there isn't 'ch' in there) & gidgets ? another movie, right? & mps & iphones, blueberries & blackberries. ??? I thought those were fruit??

Being serious now, because the 'Lunch' class at Denny's in Ocala was so great!!! and such a diversified group of people, sharing their special skills and knowledge with everyone. They were all wonderful!!!
But I want to tell you about a very special young woman who is caring for other people who are going through the same Medical problems that she is handling. Jennifer had just finished another round of Chemo, and was wearing a colorful hat. She cares so deeply for everyone with cancer, and wants to help them all, that she isn't selling for herself. She has a Not For Profit Charity called 'HATS FOR HAPPINESS' !!! SPREADING HAPPINESS, ONE HAT AT A TIME' The hats are to be at the Doctors offices so they can each chose one for themselves to wear home, and have the choice of keeping as their keepsake, or donating back for someone else to chose.

Jennifer calls the people "SUPER HERO'S" and she has a beautiful white dog that wears a pack on his back and he is SUPER DOG. She is attuned to SuperMan, so her 'pen name' is as close to 'Clark Kent ' as she could get. She is "Cancer Girl Clarice Kentwood" A beautiful stately name, reminisent of an earlier, more relaxed time in England.

I hope everyone will help Jennifer with her goal. If you can spare some hats to donate, & perhaps spare something in a check, she is on iGive at

her website is

Any help you can give to the Cancer patients is so greatly appreciated by everyone. It is especially timely now, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I am from the Flanagan Lung Cancer Family and Internal cancer Family, and also the Williams Breast Cancer Family & Cancer Family. I am very thankful that I have only had Skin Cancer to date. And I appreciate anything at all you can do to help the people who have not been so fortunate.

My favorite Moto has always been "If at first you Don't succeed READ THE DIRECTIONS"
I always wonder how many of us, besides me, try to fix something, or try to make something and it just doesn't seem to be able to turn out right. Finally, when that 'light bulb' comes on and I get a brain again, it is amazing the big difference, when I actually read the directions and follow them. I sometimes wonder if anyone else is like that, or if everyone remembers to read the directions first.

Reading directions sure speeds things along while assembling new, in boxes, Christmas presents for four daughters, after they are in bed Christmas evening. I also wonder -- Why does everything come unassembled, in boxes? It would be lovely if Santa could deliver everything already put together.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New World For Us Meanderings, by Stellamae

Welcome to my presentation for the Blogging Challenge. This is my second time blogging.
I was told by a friend in Education that I was the most Abstract person she had ever seen. And a College Instructor in Alaska, and also one in Illinois commented that I was very Abstract. I don't know about that. First and foremost, I am Forgetful. Make that Second and Third, too. Fourth, I think that I am Logical and that could be why people don't always understand me. When writing, I tend to write with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I think I'm being humorous, but again, people don't always understand that. (So please try to find the humour that is hidden behind my writing.)

I wonder how many of us are the "One In A Million" I don't mean the 'good' one in a million, like people who excel in something, --- or are talented in something specific. I mean "It only happens to 'One In A Million" or "It Only Happens Once In A Million times". I mean the ones of us who didn't get "The Luck Of The Irish". (even when we are Irish) That is me. I have a friend, and a Step Sister, who are also "One In A Million". I'm sure we are not alone. It just seems like it sometimes. If a Prescription, or a med, or salve, or procedure, or Operation can not possibly have a reaction, or can not possibly go awry --- now is the time for that deep low growlly Baritone, in that song "You Might Be Right" --- OK, all in unison WROOONG!!!

I think most of us need a little respite at times. We had a really fun session trying to get things settled for a short cruise. We didn't receive the packet in the mail with all the information and instructions, so it was necessary to have it faxed to us. The Fax machine had been moved recently and the manual disappeared into "Where Could It Possibly Be?" heaven. We had only used it once, and with the 747 cockpit on the front of the Copier, Fax, telephone, etc. we couldn't receive what was constantly being re-faxed to us. Until 5 days later when I accidentally touched a button & received half of a fax. So we tried again. And again, we couldn't receive the faxes they kept sending & re-sending. Of course, again, 3 days later we accidentally touched something and received most of the fax. I usually do fairly well with machines. But it does help to have a schematic, or instructions of some sort, right at first.

Still haven't found the Manual that went to oblivion, tho. This is a recurring scene with me. --- Things disappearing. I was so worried at one point that I told two of my Doctors. I was put through the 'Regimen' for Alzheimer's with both Doctors and aced them both. But knowing things, is different than not realizing that something is in my hand and putting the items down unknowingly. And then later putting something else down on top of the first item, hiding it quite successfuly.

I have four Daughters, twenty Grand and Great-Grand Children & their Spouses. My Husband has never had Children. We do have an "Only Child" tho, that happens to be a little yellow Cockatiel who knows that he is the Boss of the house, and us. Sunny really 'Rules the Roost,' so to speak, and insists on keeping us in line according to his needs and wants. He has a set routine and expects it be followed faithfully. He idolizes his Daddy, whom he calls "Wheet". I'm called "Sweet Pea", and both of us are called "Baby". He expects to eat breakfast on the table, with his Dad. Also lunch, and dinner with us. He has his own seed & millet, and glass of water, but also eats out of both our plates. We are expected to cut the meat very tiny, for him. Then he has to go to the Office and sit with his Dad at the computer. Then he wants to go to the "Boy's Room" for television with his Dad. He reminds his Dad again in the afternoon, and in the evening, that it is computer time. He is only in his cage if we are going to be gone for a few hours. His room (with his desk, large cage & play-pen on top, is in the corner of his room with the 2 windows) And it is next to the bathroom so he can hear the water running as I'm getting ready to leave. He very sadly & plaintively calls out "Sweet Pea" hoping that I will rescue him from his cage. After a few attempts, it sounds like he is crying as he calls out to me. The little smarty knows that I'll be crying -- and also laughing, because he breaks my heart, but he also is so funny, because he is so darn smart.

We enjoy cruises very much. A great 'get away' to relax & have a good time. My Husband had always "cruised" but I thought trips and vacations were by car, seeing new places. While living in Kuwait, I always took a vacation trip during part of Ramadan Month, renting a car in Cyprus, or sometimes in Europe driving from one Country to another. But now I think cruises are a wonderful alternative. I can hang up my clothes, put the rest in the dresser drawers, and know where everything is. And I know where I will be going for my meals, and also enjoy the great entertainment every night. It is always so interesting meeting new people every trip. I've heard that 'cruising' is cheaper than a Nursing Home. (lots more fun and entertaining, too)
So that is what I hope to do eventually. --- Something to look forward to, in the not so distant future.

I belong to the wonderful VOL, Virtual Online Learning, with the Fantastic Danna Crawford as the CEO, who is also our Instructor, Leader, and the possessor of the most unbelievable brain and memory ever heard of. She conducts the Webinar online instructions in an easy to understand, and enjoyable manner, and she has weekly radio programs. She has a crew of very knowledgeable people who also conduct online classes in helpful and interesting subjects, and a Fellow who conducts a Monthly online 'chatting' for everyone to join and participate. I heartily recommend that everyone joins us in our pursuits with Virtual Online Learning.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

OPERATION: VETERAN AID, Vets, Spouses, Widows

In 1951 a really great benefit was granted to the Veterans, their Spouses, and Widows.

So why aren't all Veterans Affairs Offices aware of this very helpful benefit?
Everyone who qualifies should be receiving this AID.

If the Veteran was in Service 1 day of the time limits designated as a War, the people who reach 65 years of age, and need medical help, have large medical bills, etc, can apply to see if they are elegible for the aid. This aid is a God-Send for many many people, and especially for Widows, who are often left with depleted funds. And this Aid goes directly to the person's checking account -- not to a medical person or facility.

Could this Aid benefit you? Or your Parents? Your Grand Parents? or Neighbor?

And no, this does not help my Spouse or me. Luckily we don't need it right now. But the info is in a safe place for the future. We want to help the people who should be benefitting from this little -known AID.

To find out more about this AID, and help someone who could really qualify, please contact Gary Marriage Jr. -- (yes, it is an unusual name, & no, he is not married)
phone # 352-536-0273. email

Lets do some 'brain storming' and think of all the ways we could make sure that EVERY
VA Office, and Officer, learns about this AID and shares the knowledge with all the people age 65 and over, who could possibly qualify.

Smile Train

Has anyone heard of the terrific work done by the Doctors and Personnel of "Smile Train"? It's for children around the world who have Cleft Palate and need surgery to repair it.

We received the brochure in the mail today, and it reminded me that two Summers ago in 2008, my Granddaughter, age 17, & going in to her Sophomor year in University of Alaska, was connected with Smile Train. She went to Cambodia with them to help the children, and also was their Journalist, writting the stories for their website.
This marvelous Charity is endorsed by a great many famous people.
It absolutely breaks your heart for these unfortunate children, to see their pictures.
Their site is Please give it a visit.


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