Saturday, August 28, 2010

OPERATION: VETERAN AID, Vets, Spouses, Widows

In 1951 a really great benefit was granted to the Veterans, their Spouses, and Widows.

So why aren't all Veterans Affairs Offices aware of this very helpful benefit?
Everyone who qualifies should be receiving this AID.

If the Veteran was in Service 1 day of the time limits designated as a War, the people who reach 65 years of age, and need medical help, have large medical bills, etc, can apply to see if they are elegible for the aid. This aid is a God-Send for many many people, and especially for Widows, who are often left with depleted funds. And this Aid goes directly to the person's checking account -- not to a medical person or facility.

Could this Aid benefit you? Or your Parents? Your Grand Parents? or Neighbor?

And no, this does not help my Spouse or me. Luckily we don't need it right now. But the info is in a safe place for the future. We want to help the people who should be benefitting from this little -known AID.

To find out more about this AID, and help someone who could really qualify, please contact Gary Marriage Jr. -- (yes, it is an unusual name, & no, he is not married)
phone # 352-536-0273. email

Lets do some 'brain storming' and think of all the ways we could make sure that EVERY
VA Office, and Officer, learns about this AID and shares the knowledge with all the people age 65 and over, who could possibly qualify.

Smile Train

Has anyone heard of the terrific work done by the Doctors and Personnel of "Smile Train"? It's for children around the world who have Cleft Palate and need surgery to repair it.

We received the brochure in the mail today, and it reminded me that two Summers ago in 2008, my Granddaughter, age 17, & going in to her Sophomor year in University of Alaska, was connected with Smile Train. She went to Cambodia with them to help the children, and also was their Journalist, writting the stories for their website.
This marvelous Charity is endorsed by a great many famous people.
It absolutely breaks your heart for these unfortunate children, to see their pictures.
Their site is Please give it a visit.


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