Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tippy Tennies

My Husband took me to WalMart Wednesday and bought me two pair of Danskin Now tennis shoes for Christmas. I haven't worn Tennis shoes since traveling such long flights between Kuwait & the US in the 80's. But thought they might help some of the back & hip pain that comes with old age, arthritis, FibroMyalgia, etc.
Trying the walking type with different inserts & heel lifts isn't too bad, a little tippy, but I haven't fallen yet.
The other pair looks like those strange sketchers & have the extremely slanted back & up so high at the end. They certainly look strange, and that is definitely not how my feet look. But I was told they would help my posture, & therefore, the pain. That slanted back & up high at the end heel is certainly a lot of fun. First I go tipping too far forward & tip into whatever is in the way in front of me. But mostly, I go tipping way too far backwards & that is really lots more fun!!!! I'm taking bets on when I'll be flat on my back on the tile with a cracked head & elbows. But when I do happen to be straight up for a second, I can almost tell my body is straighter up. Of course, that doesn't happen a whole lot yet. -- or almost never. But maybe someday. Maybe someday, if I don't break my back, or head, or a leg, or whatever --- just maybe, someday, I might get brave enough to venture outside in those funny tennies.

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  1. I haven't mastered those Tippie Tennies yet. Well, truth be told. I still can't stay upright in the darn things.