Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fun with the computer and phone


What a nice surprise.  Barely a year and half, and this lovely computer is going screwy again.   It started before the phone also started going screwy.   Then they combined together to prevent any access to the Internet,   And also, no communications coming or going.  Living a bit isolated with rows of trees on 3 sides, & front yard full of trees and bushes and landscaping, and the Green Belt with tall trees behind us,  --- would almost cause a person to feel rather alone and forgotten.

After days of trying repairs on my own initiative (from years of taking the testy things apart and reassembling so often that I’d be ahead of the directions given from India) I did finally give in and call HP.  After a full long day and a very long night, I did 37 DVD backups to save my pictures and sheet music, and then like the Tech advised in the late afternoon, after I unplugged every thing (and hoped  I’d be able to remember where everything went in the back, and install the new Modem, sent overnight. 

After many more hours of working I did the back ups, and then, blessed be the lovely stumbling blocks put in front of us to help? our journey, I also did the necessary Full Recovery, back to the beginning of time. (for the 6th or 7th time in my computer history)

What Fun!!!  Finally plugging everything into the back again, doing the modem, & doing the dreaded full recovery!!!  I’m almost human again. 

So here I am, still trying to remember all the many things that had been added, or downloaded, upgraded, etc. to get back to the  normal “Pre-Breakdown” period of the past week.   But HORRAY!!!  The Internet and Email are back!!!  And so is the phone!!

I no longer feel like “The outcast of Poker Flats”

Life is Good.

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