Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hats for Happiness and Super Heroes

A Good 'Very Late Afternoon' to everyone, and to Virtual Online Learning Group.
I'm getting better, I think. After being gone all day, I stumbled into the house with only half of everything falling out of my arms and hands, and stumbling over & around 4 young fellows who wanted to clean 1 room of carpet because their Supervisor gave them a goal of 100 rooms cleaned today. All over my insistence that we'd had to tear the office apart so the couch & chairs are packed high with everything that I will need to find a place for soon, before it all jumps in to the trash can by itself. Plus, the dinning room was stacked high with ebay hopefuls divided into catogorys and I needed everything left as it was. Since my husband said "Come in and clean the dinning room carpet and we'll move everything out of the room" I laughingly made my way amongst the 5 men, dropping the rest of the mail and incidentals out of my hands & arms.
And the whole time, our little yellow Cockateil is loudly protesting & calling "SweetPea" for a rescue from being locked in the cage he won't even sleep in at night.

And you'll never guess what happened next!! As soon as they saw that my vacuum was the exact Kirby they were going to use ---- ha ha ha ---- to try to sell us, they said "Sorry, we can't clean your carpet, have to leave now".

So I keep laughing. And I think it only took me forty minutes this time to get in to my blog, and then find something to click on that would actually let me type.
sorry but 'ole Granny' took over & doesn't remember where the numbers are or how to link.

I want to talk about our live Blog class yesterday.
(Ok, you can quit laughing now. And yes, it's a bit rediculous, I agree. --- But just wait until you are almost 77 years old, and never heard all those great , strange, terms -- like avatar ( a
movie of blue people, right?) & widgets, (sure there isn't 'ch' in there) & gidgets ? another movie, right? & mps & iphones, blueberries & blackberries. ??? I thought those were fruit??

Being serious now, because the 'Lunch' class at Denny's in Ocala was so great!!! and such a diversified group of people, sharing their special skills and knowledge with everyone. They were all wonderful!!!
But I want to tell you about a very special young woman who is caring for other people who are going through the same Medical problems that she is handling. Jennifer had just finished another round of Chemo, and was wearing a colorful hat. She cares so deeply for everyone with cancer, and wants to help them all, that she isn't selling for herself. She has a Not For Profit Charity called 'HATS FOR HAPPINESS' !!! SPREADING HAPPINESS, ONE HAT AT A TIME' The hats are to be at the Doctors offices so they can each chose one for themselves to wear home, and have the choice of keeping as their keepsake, or donating back for someone else to chose.

Jennifer calls the people "SUPER HERO'S" and she has a beautiful white dog that wears a pack on his back and he is SUPER DOG. She is attuned to SuperMan, so her 'pen name' is as close to 'Clark Kent ' as she could get. She is "Cancer Girl Clarice Kentwood" A beautiful stately name, reminisent of an earlier, more relaxed time in England.

I hope everyone will help Jennifer with her goal. If you can spare some hats to donate, & perhaps spare something in a check, she is on iGive at

her website is

Any help you can give to the Cancer patients is so greatly appreciated by everyone. It is especially timely now, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I am from the Flanagan Lung Cancer Family and Internal cancer Family, and also the Williams Breast Cancer Family & Cancer Family. I am very thankful that I have only had Skin Cancer to date. And I appreciate anything at all you can do to help the people who have not been so fortunate.

My favorite Moto has always been "If at first you Don't succeed READ THE DIRECTIONS"
I always wonder how many of us, besides me, try to fix something, or try to make something and it just doesn't seem to be able to turn out right. Finally, when that 'light bulb' comes on and I get a brain again, it is amazing the big difference, when I actually read the directions and follow them. I sometimes wonder if anyone else is like that, or if everyone remembers to read the directions first.

Reading directions sure speeds things along while assembling new, in boxes, Christmas presents for four daughters, after they are in bed Christmas evening. I also wonder -- Why does everything come unassembled, in boxes? It would be lovely if Santa could deliver everything already put together.

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