Thursday, October 21, 2010

HATS FOR HAPPINESS for Cancer Patients & 'Ole Granny is here again'

"Ole Granny Is Back"
'Ole Granny' is batting a thousand. tried to find a way to let Virtualites know I'm blogging, since I don't quite know what I'm doing. (now that is an understatment)
So I finally went to Facebook & somehow, eventually found the VOL Friend page. Then tried to find my blog again. ??? Where did it go?? Finally found it & tried to find the 3 I had aleady written. Time to Panic!!!
Somehow, later I accidently found what I had written. then tried to find how to Publish those so I didn't lose them completely. I think I did. -- Publish them, not lose them.
I started the blogs today with stumbling around all the fellows, in my way, who thought they had bamboozeled us. Then after writing 3 blogs, I really did some major stumbling around. (hey, that is an old song -- "Stumbling All Around" and I know, because I'm old.)
I hope everyone can tell that I write Tongue In Cheek, and I am being humerous. So please bare with me.)
Everyone else in our Virtual online Learning Group is much younger than me, and even younger than my 4 Daughters. At some point, they will be like I am now. Well, --- a little like I am. Another 30 or 40 or 50 years, and then they will understand. But, of course if they really are like me, they'll have forgotten by then, anyhow.
Deja Vu
I told my husband that I was always the one who reads the schematics (instructions) and tells the 'assemblers' how to put everything together to make things work properly.

We had to buy a new computer desk, & it was limited to width. Everything was too wide, so we ended up with a glass top encased in metal, and a smaller glass & metal table. And in a box, of course. !!! So I told him to wait until 11 when I would be able to assist in the construction. At 11, he was confused. He had a strange looking little table with some of the large pieces & some small, mixed together, and an odd assortment left over for the 2nd table. One glance and it was obvious which were the parts for the desk, and which for the little tray, and where they should go.

The little table had to be disassembled, and we started over & used the large pieces for the larger desk. Then put the small table together. I have no inkling how I am able to look at the parts and know what they are and where they go. (? being a little psycik might help?? and my Father could do anything, and everything. ?? or because in Alaska and the Aleutians, everything, even furniture came in a box, for assembly, and since my First Husband traveled for the Federal Aviation Administration -- 2 months gone, 1 week home, I had to build it.

Oh, a light bulb just came on -- He loved to draw & explain every piece of equipment the FAA had. I had schematics in my head for the Glide Slope, Outer Marker, Inner Marker, & everything to do with the various equipment. & then when I worked for the Administrator of FAA, in the Aleutians, I had to watch all the 'Teaching Tapes' of all the equipment, & read all the reports, etc. We even lived right alongside the runway. And Yes, I am older!! I had completely forgotten all that, until that little lightbulb came on.)

Electronics Specialists who keep the Communications Equipment and Navigational equipment in top performance for the airplanes to take off, stay on course in bad weather, and land, etc, seem like super heroes who know all & can do all. (and in their Field, they are, & can)

The Deja Vu title comes in to this because I had just told about puting things together, that come in boxes, and then that strange little monstrosity came in to view. (the little table, not the Husband)


I've been having the greatest fun putting different lyrics to songs, (don't say it's illeagle to mess with someone elses lyrics, because I'm not going to print them, or do them in a big public place.) I change them to play and sing in Performance Group, for Halloween. The music people who are taking my packs of mixed up lyrics might, or might not, do them in a public performance. 'Elvis' even took a pack.

We don't do 'themes' in our Summer Performance group because I like the beautiful music everyone does in chosing what they want to play. But when Halloween was looming close upon us, seemed like a fun thing to try. And it is sooo easy!!!! I wonder if that make me a little strange? some morbid songs, but I'm having fun. Some titles are so easy to change.
Warning: If you are queasy, you can skip the next part.
The Hawaiian song "I'll Remember You" just pops right at you -- I'll dismember you.
Then I go on to change the whole song. Right, the whole song. Another easy one is "Put your Head On My Shoulder" (easy to guess, right?) Put your head in my bucket, and put your legs in there too. Hawaiian Wedding song -- "This is the Funeral I have waited for" And George Strait's 'Drinking Champagne' -- I'm drinking your blood & causing you pain till early morning, Then I'll stay in my coffin till the Darkness envelopes me.

See how much fun a project would be?? Then a contest for the best song lyrics. A contest for the best singing of the lyrics. or 'acting out' the lyrics.
I've done Ebb Tide, & Beyond the Reef, and am working on The Odd Couple, Hawaii 5 0, Secret Agent Man, There'll be some Changes Made, Side By Side.
I keep seeing great possibilities in my Sheet Music titles, and keep wanting to add more to the pack.

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